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Django Reinhardt 1

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  • was born Jean "Django" Reinhardt in Liberchies, Pont-à-Celles, Belgium
  • lived from 1910-1953
  • his childhood nickname, Django, means "I awake" in his native language of Romani
  • His family were Romani people, or gypsies, which are a culture of people who live through out the world, but do not have one country they all live in.
  • Growing up in a Romani camp in Paris, Django learned how to play violin and banjo before settling on guitar 
  • by age 13 Django already was making a living making music and appeared on his first recording in 1928 at age 18


Flag of the Romani People

The Romanis live in many different countries including:

Brazil Spain Romania Turkey France Bulgaria
Greece Russia Italy Serbia United Kingdom
Slovakia Germany  Rep. of Macedonia


Django's guitar "Selmer-Maccaferri Guitar"


Django Reinhardt


Django with his Selmer Guitar



1939: J'attendrai

(J'attedrai was a French chanson or lyrical song)


jazz facts


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